Monday, September 3, 2018

A Couple Of Green Birch For The Sawmill

So its Labour Day today, so I decided to go out this morning and do some labour. To see how the mill handles birch I cut down two birch. Below is a picture of the two I selected. They are not large, 10-12" diameter and not overly straight, but they are representative of most of the birch on my property. There are a hand full of large exceptions that I am saving for special projects, but the majority will be in this size range. I can cut 1 1/2 or 2, 8 footers for sawing and the rest goes into the firewood pile (two birds with one stone, lol).

Here cut down, delimbed, and cut up.

All loaded up. The tires were sure feeling it, but the old Ford just keeps on going.

So this is what I set aside for the sawmill test. A poplar, two spruce and four green birch. Not represented here is pine which I have lots of. As far as size goes, I have lots of poplar and spruce in the 18 - 22" diameter range, which should produce some nice large boards.I have lots of pine and birch but few approach the size of the big poplars and spruce.

Bonus, nice start on my wood pile ha,ha.

So the forecast is for on and off thunderstorms today and tomorrow so I will probably saw these up on Wednesday.

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