Sunday, September 23, 2018

Chest Of Drawers

In Nick Englers words "This simple elegant chest is a true classic". So here is the plan for the nice chest featured in the previous article on case construction. The chest is designed and built by Tom Stender of Boston, New York. Tom who focuses on classic furniture, adapted the design from the traditional Queen Ann style, as indicated by the cabriole feet.

I would class this project as middle to advanced. Advanced due to the high quality dove tail joinery, the cabriole feet, and the matching of the rare curly cherry, for that beautiful look. I think this would also look stunning in less rare, curly maple, and now that I can saw my own wood, I would like to try a poor mans version, in my own birch.

I don't make a single penny from this site, in fact it costs me money to share my book and file collections. Popular Science is not going to republish yearbooks from 30 years ago, so the only way for people to access these plans is in the used book market or from online sites like mine and others. Building these plans for your own use is never a problem. The problem arises when/if a person claims the designs to be his own and/or sells the plans or finished pieces for profit. If you do this, you are responsible for the problems that may visit your doorstep as a result.

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