Saturday, September 1, 2018

Electrical Complete

Taking a chance on the computer today, we have had thunder storms, rain, and power bumps yesterday and today, but here goes.

So I completed the electrical on the mill this morning. Run into one snag I didn't see coming, the engine cables were a little short for the saw head to reach the top of it's travel. I spliced in a couple of extensions, lots of reach now.

Here are the batteries connected in parallel. I used all # 4 cable including the feed to the connection box.

Here's a general view of the connection panel and cable layout.

Power is on.

Not a great picture but a pulled back view of the layout.

And this one is too dark, but here is the cutting head near the top of it's travel. Can't ever see having to cut a log this big, for one thing I don't have any.

Here it is on it's bottom stops, with the carriage at full feed. I like the extension on the double winch controllers, I can move around to either side of the cutting head to observe the cut as it progresses. I put the tape measure to it, and the longest log I can saw, without workarounds is 8'10".

So this mill is pretty much done and usable. I will putter around on a few cosmetic items I want to attend to today and tomorrow. If the rain lets up Monday or Tuesday I want to cut a few green logs and see how this baby cuts lumber. After that it's clean-up time, can't remember the last project the shops got so messed up and dirty. When thats done we will paint the sawmill and post some centerfold pictures.

I built this mill because I have wanted to build one ever since Wood-Mizer came out with their's in the early 80's, (thats a long time to have a bug in your head, lol). It's only intention is for my personal use, so it will not see much highway use. However I do want to take it to MTO and get it weighed and licensed, so before that happens it will get fenders and trailer wiring, sometime.


Got back in the shop this evening, Here are a few more photos with better light.

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