Thursday, September 13, 2018

Sandblast Cabinet And A Workshop Primer

So after two days in the shops I am only ready to start the actual clean-up tomorrow, I did get all my tools organized and back in there proper locations. On a long project like the sawmill, my tool boxes get cleaned out and tools piled all over the place. This gets mixed with parts and material as I dig through storage looking for that part I know I stored 5 years ago, ha, ha. It would be nice if I could return a tool to it's proper location when I am done with it, but I have given up on that ever happening, lol.

So for a little break here is a plan for a nice sandblast cabinet and a older book on metalworking shop basics packed with info for the novice.

First is a nice plan for a sandblast cabinet. I think I found this on the Internet Archive. Its 5 pages of drawings and 1 page of instructions. I think I have pictures somewhere of a build that someone on the internet did of this project.

Its a small file 172 kb - pdf, to download click Sandblasting Cabinet.

The second upload today is "Practical Mechanics For Boys". Published in 1914 its older but the basics of metal shop work haven't changed. The first part is well illustrated with sound information for the novice metalworker, there is a section on fundamental devices and the back sections are full of useful information for the workshop.

I found this on the Gutenberg site and converted the html to a pdf file. It's compact at 1.35 MB, to download click Practical Mechanics For Boys.

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