Saturday, September 29, 2018

Secrets Of A Production Turner

So I got a little time, if your looking for a little reading on some of the best turning wisdom I have come across, take a moment to read this 4 page article. It will be time well spent.

This article was in the February 1986 "Wood" magazine.It features Bert Thompson a Canadian production wood turner who in 1986 was still making a good living at wood turning, as had his ancestors since 1830. Today 32 years since this article, I am sure the market for this work has been greatly reduced in the face of computerized equipment, certainly for staircase and furniture work. However I am sure a market still exists for oversize work, one of's, and other contractor custom work. Just the kind of work that Bert's huge 22' between center lathe could handle.

Bert communicates a lot of good practical information from a lifetime of experience as a turner. Top notch, must read.

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