Sunday, September 30, 2018

Shopbuilt Lathes 2 (Continued)

Here is the rest of that great "Back-To-Basics" lathe plan. This plan was popular with the "WOOD" staff as well as at least 300 readers who built it, back when it was first published. I have noticed in recent years, in Canada anyway, that prices have increased dramatically on a decent lathe. And many people have learned that making your own, is a better option than some of the cheap imports available.

Reviving this older series of plans will hopefully provide ideas and energy, to those who want a decent lathe, but can't justify the funds required to purchase a decent one, at this time.

"WOOD" provides sources for a parts kit. These may no longer be available. Their are phone numbers, if the supplier still exists, they may still be available. Failing that, the trend is to order replacement parts from a preferred lathe dealer, and fit them to your shopbuilt lathe. If you can turn your own, or have a friend, or shop, turn them for you, even better.

"WOOD" contends that this lathe holds it's own against much higher priced commercial models, and that is saying alot, since it was before the cheap imports started flooding the market.

Hope there is lots of useful material here, for potential builders, and interested shop hermits, like myself.

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