Sunday, September 30, 2018

Shopbuilt Lathes 2

I will be away from my computer for a period of time, so I figured I better get the rest of these lathe plans uploaded as promised.

"WOOD" magazine's "Back-To-Basics" shop lathe is a more complete plan than most, so I will upload it in two posts. I could have just uploaded it as a pdf, but Google drive can be a slow process, for my slow connection. All of you young folks out there can convert it to the format of your choice, faster than this old dinosaur.

Of the many plans for lathes I have seen over the years, this has always been the most appealing for me. I have no need for another lathe, but I may try my own version, possibly with a longer bed adopting some of Carlyle Lynch's ideas in the previous plan, just so I could play with some extra large turnings.

The plan was first published in "WOOD's" April 1987 magazine issue, and later included in WOOD's "Woodworking Tools You Can Make" published by Meredith Books.

The fellow posing with the lathe must be very tall. Proper lathe height puts the top of the tool rest at elbow height. My Rockwell/Delta is just right for me at 43". This lathe is also exactly 43".

Thats the first five pages. Five more in the next post.

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