Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Solved Minimum Bottom Board Thickness

The rain keeps coming, so I keep finding things to improve on the mill. I started off this morning installing a handle on the battery box. Not a biggie but looks better.

Next I welded T handles to bolts on the  carriage backstop sockets. The carriage is now wrench free all adjustments use T handles or wingnuts. While working on the carriage it crossed my mind more than once that I should do something about the minimum bottom board thickness. Using workarounds like a 1 1/2" plank to raise the work for the last cut, works, but is time consuming, and adds inefficiency. I thought about it for a while and came up with a better idea. I cut 4, 1/4" plates 3 1/2" X 8 1/2" . I welded a piece of 1 1/2" angle with part of the L cut off to its face and drilled and threaded the back to accept a wingnut to lock it in place. When locked in place on the 4 bunks it raises the the log or board so the last cut can safely be made with the blade centered on 3/4". Here is a picture looking at the front profile.

Here is a view of the front bunk with the raising fixture in place.

So I made a couple of dogs for use with thin bottom cuts. Talk is talk though, until you try it out, so here is a 2 X 8 X 4' set up to be sliced in half.

Here the front view. The saw is on it's bottom stops, the new fixture will allow me to slice the 1 1/2" thickness into two 3/4" boards minus the saw kerf.

All done, butter is tougher to slice, lol.

The new fixture can be adjusted along the bunks to center on the log diameter, so they never need to be removed. For really large logs you can remove them if need be, and replace them for the bottom cuts, with the wingnuts it only takes seconds.

So here are the results two 11/16" thick boards that means the saw kerf is 1/8". This measurement was consistent across the width and length of the board. The finish is as good as the resawn lumberyard 1 X 4's I talked about in a previous post. Thats surprising because in my enthusiasm to try this out, I forgot to tension the blade and lock the cutting head.   

So their forecasting more rain all day tomorrow. They promise Thursday is going to be nice though, ha, ha. I think we will build a box to store all the carriage dogs and other tools, on the opposite side of the battery box, that symmetry thing again.

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