Friday, September 21, 2018

Tips And Jigs From "Projects Two"

So we had a very noisy and wet storm roll in yesterday, the Canada Geese must have sensed it and left before it rolled in.

So here are a few tips and jigs from "The Home Shop Machinist" magazine's "Projects Two". I have volumes one to eight. It has been years since I checked they may have many more out by now. This magazine and their popular sites is devoted to the hobby home machinist. In addition to machinist projects and information they also cover some casting and foundry equipment projects.

Here is a collection of three, one page tips and jigs, from the second volume in the series. The V block is a very simple and quick way to make a useful accessory for the drill press. Have you ever cursed a slot screw driver that keeps slipping out and damaging the screw head? Here is a grinding jig to properly grind the blade of a slot screwdriver. Cutting curves in heavier plate can be difficult, here is a drill guide to make it easier. Ever notice how drilling or turning aluminum is always a sticky process on the cutting edges, here is a tip for reworking a turning tool to produce nicer finishes on aluminum. Expand for best view.

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