Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Tool storage Box

So it was raining hard when I got up, and it kept up till early this evening. My lawn has actually turned green and is growing again, guess I will have to cut it now, ha, ha.

So I got into the shop late, I started on a storage box for the carriage dogs and tooling, when the log tongs that I used on the hoist came to my attention. The swivel had a chain hook instead of a regular hook, I didn't like the set up, it required that I use a section of chain and hook to connect to the regular hook on the hoist.

Solution, cut out the middle man. I had a regular hook with a swivel, so I removed the old hook from the hoist and installed the swivel hook. I then cut a slot in the swivel on the log tongs and removed the swivel and chain hook. Here the log tongs hanging from the new swivel hook, much better.

Not one to throw anything out, I closed the forged swivel on my vise and run a heavy weld, Nothing lost and a better log hoist gained, ha, ha.

So back to the storage box. The box is smaller than the battery box, I stitched it together out of three sections still left from the old Delta saw. I sized it so the salvaged lid you saw in the back of my truck earlier this summer would fit to close it up.

Here the lid closed up with two knobs and a handle installed. 

And here is a wider view showing it's location.


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