Wednesday, October 17, 2018

1001 How-To Ideas

So the weather has become an easy excuse for sitting in front of my computer, instead of being outside doing some work. Todays no different, cold and still snowing out there.

I mentioned yesterday that "Science And Mechanics" magazine published many books focusing on the many projects, tips, and tricks regularly published in their magazines. I have found two over the years and one, "1001 How-To Ideas" stands out. I would have liked to have scanned the whole book and uploaded it as a pdf, but the 200 pages would have required lots of time consuming cleanup, and even more time to upload the big file on my slow connection. So instead I will upload the more useful sections as individual pages, over the course of a number of posts.

Here are the covers of the two books I have. A unique feature of some of the "Science And Mechanics" cover artists was their sense of humour. Notice the child in the second cover below, lol. In another magazine cover you see a hobbyist sitting at his workbench, engrossed in a project, meanwhile the lady of the house is standing in the doorway, all done up for a night out on the town, the look on her face, a little sour, that someone had forgotten, ha,ha.

Below: An artist tagger in the making ha,ha,ha.

So I will try to get most of Section II (contents below) posted over the next little while.

If you find your original idea here then it's not original, as they say "there is little new under the sun". If your not aware of a previous version, it can be overlooked. If your aware but claim it as your own creation anyway, then the kudos must feel a little tainted. I mention this because I have seen it done with many ideas. The one that stands out here is the engine valve, bench anvil.

Hope most found something useful here. Stay tuned more to come.

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