Sunday, October 21, 2018

Doll Cradle

So as mentioned earlier w'ill try to keep Sundays for woodworking projects. Broke away from what started to be a tight football game between the Patriots and the Bears this afternoon. Old man Brady (ha, ha) is still "the man" and is starting to walk away with it.

So, projects, I have uploaded many projects from the Popular Science yearbooks before and their are many more that I think will find interest. I don't think I posted some of the covers before, which will help in identifying them in the used market, so here are the covers for the 1987 and 1988 yearbooks. If projects are your interest, snap them up, cover to cover projects. Enough for many more Sundays of projects.

So Christmas is coming fast (too fast), so over the next month or so I'll try to include more toys and children's furniture in these plans. The first one today is a dolls cradle, I don't know if young girls today, still play with dolls, but I know my daughter would have loved one of these for her dolls, back then. Construction is on the easy end, but you will get to practice a wide variety of skills, such as scroll work, small turning, and joinery.

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