Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Engineering Magazines

If you love fries like I do, (who doesn't) then the above picture is just what it was ment to be , click bait, ha,ha. Man did they get those fries right or what? They are probably just a plastic advertising prop, but boy did they get it right, I salivate just looking at them, ha, ha. This advertisement for air cylinders was in "Machine Design".

Back in 1997 I filled in for a year operating the power house at Orenda Aerospace while they converted the power house to low volume flash boilers. I used to call them "pop cans" because they were built small enough to avoid the Pressure Vessels Act requirements for licensed operators, and they were light duty, with a fraction of the life of a conventional water tube boiler.

While I was there, Orenda Aerospace, an aircraft engine developer and jet engine rebuilder, ran out of space in their huge reference library. They culled there shelves of most of their  older engineering industry magazines, an amount that filled two dumpsters. So, I went dumpster diving, ha ha. I had competition from a interested co-worker on another shift,  but I managed to set aside close to 800 issues of over a dozen different titles that caught my interest.

Below is an example of some of the titles I managed to collect. I got between 40 and 50 issues of most titles.

Most are probably familiar with "Machine Design" and maybe "Canadian Machinery" if your in Canada. If your here then much of the content in these magazines are of interest to most, more or less.

There are many informative articles, they are written for industry, but much of the information is just as valid for the home hobbyist, working in wood and metal to build his own machines. Check out the next post for a couple of articles on the proper care and installation of bearings.

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