Sunday, October 7, 2018

Hand Planes

As I have mentioned many times, over the years I have amassed a large amount of resource references on a wide variety of hobby and workshop activities, which never cease to interest me. My collection of magazine paper issues number in the thousands, on the subjects of woodworking, metalworking, and engineering as illustrated in the previous few posts.

Over the last few decades my collection of digitized, online sourced magazine material, has outpaced my paper collection. My magazines file has grown to over 150 GB. Below is a scan of the magazine titles in my "Woodworking Magazines" folder.

Close to a dozen of these collections are complete, from #1 to relatively recent or until they ceased to publish. Many of the other collections are complete when you include my collection of paper copies. I thought it might be interesting to post a few select articles from some of the premier issues of these magazines.

America has produced a huge number of hobby DIY type magazines in the past century and a half, a few have survived to this day, Popular Science and Popular Mechanics come to mind. Tool manufacturers have everything to do with many of those successes, as this was the ideal media to advertise their wares. Delta, established in 1919, published many popular diy and project materials to help promote their tools and machines and was an incentive for magazine publishers to cover similar subject matter. Much of this interest reached a peak in the late fifties, the economy was thriving and people had money, and homes with workshops, to follow their hobby interests.

In 1975 Fine Woodworking published their first copy, they have been going strong ever since, even surviving the switch to online information sourcing. There success seems to have influenced a boost in the publishing industry, and many new woodwork, and other hobby interest magazines, came into publication throughout the eighties. Some have survived, some have not.

So here is a nice article on hand planes from Fine Woodworking's premier issue # 1 - 1975.

So later today and over the next week I will post a few more select articles from some premier issues of woodworking magazines.

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