Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Modelmaker's Arbor Press

So here is another small project from ARCO publishing's "Junior Mechanics Handbook". Don't let the word "Junior" make you think these projects are for just the young novice. There are a good number of projects in this book that the seasoned home tinkerer would be challenged with.

So for the modelmaker machinist here is a useful small arbor press for the shop. You can make this up from small off-cut materials found around the shop.

So below is my mini arbor press. I built this over 20 years ago out of scrap and salvaged materials in my storage boxes. As you can see from the rust I haven't used it much lately (Yes I know, I should paint it to slow down the rust, lol). The last time I used it was to press the bearings into place on the wheels for my double belt grinder project.


So back to this book and a nice collection of projects. Below is the contents page, As can be seen there is a good variety of projects. I would scan and upload the whole book but the electronics projects are dated given todays tech. I recognize that there are hobbyists who still like to dabble in the older electronics tech. but you are becoming few with todays advances. I will upload more projects in the future, like the Stutz Bearcat project below. A project that would be a healthy challenge for the builder, and make some young owner very proud.

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