Monday, October 15, 2018

Woodcraft # 1-Antique Tool Collecting

One of the more recent magazine publications to start up was "Woodcraft" in 2005. As has become a trend, "Woodcraft" is an extension of "Woodcraft Supply Corp.", much like "Today's Woodworker" was an off shoot of Rockler's "The Woodworkers Store", back in 1989. Both are popular suppliers to the renewed interest in woodworking and other workshop interests, among millions of Americans. Canada, and probably the rest of the developed world, has seen a similar surge in interest.

Woodcraft went into publication on three core components Projects, People and Products. To this end the first section is usually a collection of nice medium to advanced projects, followed by a focus on a few craftsman doing beautiful and diverse work around the country and finished off with reviews and articles on the latest tools and products available on the market.

In the following short article Dana M. Batory, an antique tool collector, discusses three popular antique tools that when restored to their former glory, would be the envy of any small home shop hobbyist.

So I will post a couple more magazine firsts over the next week. "So thats all fine and dandy but how do I get access to all these project resources", you may ask. The used book stores, I have found, all have milk crates full of good used magazines, if you are persistent it is not hard to come close to completing whole collections of magazine titles, even more collected titles, like Fine Woodworking. If you like downloads the Internet Archive has a huge collection of woodworking magazines in their "The Magazine Rack" collection.

So I can kiss good by to any hope of an Indian Summer. This is what we got this afternoon and it will continue into tomorrow afternoon. Not much relief in the forecast either, so looks like an early winter. MAN give me a break, LOL.

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