Friday, November 16, 2018

"A Book Of Country Things" Part 2

So light snow all day today. Boy those Canada Geese that spent a couple of days on my property, on their early flight south, are smarter than we give them credit for. They were three weeks early and winter is at least three weeks early this year. We skipped fall all together, lol.

So it looks like a few people enjoyed the short trip to a simpler time that I posted yesterday. I will post one more chapter of this great little book. Reading Walter Needham's recounting of his relationship with his Grandpa you can't help but feel the warm an respectful relationship they had with each other.

In chapter 7 we visit Grandpa's workshop. His shop was overflowing with tools, and not a single power tool to be found, ha, ha. He had a tool for everything, and they were all hand made by him. The blades and other steel parts came from the local blacksmith. There isn't much we do now with power tools that he couldn't do then, just slower and more labor intensive.

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