Thursday, November 15, 2018

"A Book Of Country Things"

So I have been catching up on some of my reading. Browsing my shelves the other day I came across a small book that had interested me a long time ago, in a used book store, my interest was revived and I had to read it.

"A Book Of Country Things" is an entertaining recounting of a grandson's experiences with his Grandpa, L. L. Bond. Grandpa was born in 1833 in Vermont, grew up in a log cabin, served in the Civil War, and over the course of a rural lifetime, learned many of the skills we all consider "lost arts" nowadays. The grandson's (Walter Needham) recounting of growing up with his Grandpa is a detailed and entertaining explanation of many of the practiced arts necessary  to maintain a homestead in rural Vermont in the late 1800's.

When I think of heroes, I think of people like Willie in the "Working Knowledge" post or "Grandpa". They are not afraid of work, they are a wealth of knowledge, acquired over a lifetime of getting their hands dirty, doing the actual work, They usually have a good sense of humor that is genuine and not a cover-up for meanness or cruelty. And they don't constantly feed you BS because they don't want to share what they have learned, (they are generous).

I am sure this view point doesn't jive with many nowadays, many of todays heroes are fictitious creations that have little bearing on real life.

So if you want to take 5 minutes to read an interesting chapter about another time, I am posting chapter 6 below. The chapter discusses the harvesting and use of different wood to produce the necessities of life in pioneer America, from pine for making pipes to cherry for making clocks.

I will post chapter 7 tomorrow or the next day. It deals with "Grandpa's" tools and shop. 

The book was printed by the Stephen Greene Press in 1965 and went through 10 printings by 1986, it is a timeless reminiscence of a less complicated time.

Expand to read comfortably. If you would like to print it off, choose landscape on your print options. If you are viewing on your mobile, I am sorry, this is probably not the best format.

To those who found this article early, I have corrected the double page with the correct page.

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