Sunday, November 25, 2018

More Gifts From Santa's Workshop

So today I will put up a couple of more posts on items you can make in your workshop as gifts for the young.

The first post today focuses on a couple of toboggans. If you live in Canada or any country with regular winter snow, their is no need to tell you how much fun these can be, on your favorite hill. If your not bored by my reminiscent visits to my past, I recall a past experience with a toboggan, when I was a kid, at the bottom of this post.

The two following plans come from a Patrick E. Spielman book titled "Make Your Own Sports Gear" and published in 1970 by The Bruce Publishing Company. This fine hardcover text is full of plans for sports gear. All the plans have good clear instructions and all are within the reach of most workshop enthusiasts.

Here is the cover and contents page. As always if you see something you like, and can't find the book, message me, and we will try to get it posted.

The first plan is a fast looking one person sled, quick and easy to pull back up the hill, and the shallower curve is easier to bend. 

The second plan is a full size classic style toboggan. You can get three or four people riding this sled for lots of spills and thrills. Getting that full classic bend is a little more involved, but the classic look is well worth it.

When I was 12 Santa got me a full sized toboggan for Xmas. Not far behind our house at the time, there was a small mountain of Can. Shield rock, very steep. There was a transmission tower at the top, and the maintenance company had a double track machine to pack a track up the side for access. It was a favorite sliding hill for the local kids.

The day after I got the toboggan my brother Vic and I decided to try out the hill. Now nobody ever started at the top, the last 100 yards or so was too steep for anyone but the very brave, and there were a couple of tight curves on the ride down.

We decided to start at the top, ha ha. By the time we passed the normal start point, we were flying. Half way down the hill, we come flying around the second curve and right in the middle of the track is a group of 4 kids coming up. We started yelling and waving our arms, "Get off the track", "Get off the track". Of course they froze, with there mouths agape. I managed to flip the toboggan on it's side, but the momentum still carried us into a spectacular crash. Lots of bruises, but nobody got severely hurt. One of their sleds got smashed and sadly, I looked down at our new sled, and one of the side slats was cracked and broken.

We walked home with our tail between our legs. Fortunately dad was working, so I picked the lock on his tool crib and set to repairing the toboggan. I was at the age when I was always building something, cabins, treehouses, soapbox racers, etc., which was why the lock on the tool crib, LOL.

So I removed the broken slat, trimmed the cross pieces to the new width and drilled them to accept the rope. Good as new, just skinnier. On a hard packed track we had the fastest toboggan for a long time, ha ha.

Its not broken till you can't fix it anymore LOL.

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