Tuesday, November 27, 2018

"Rust Never Stops" The Rust Belt Expands

By now most have already heard, GM is shutting down the big plant in Oshawa Ontario, and 4 plants in the US. The CEO made 29 Mil last year, the company had 3.3 Billion in profits, they blather on about how they have to switch to self driving and electric cars. Thats fine but the parts and cars have to be made and assembled somewhere and heres the catch, the insatiable greed of the top 1% has set their sights on 8 Billion in profits in the future, and to achieve that, manufacturing and assembly will have to be done off shore, where wages are still keeping people in poverty.

The Oshawa plant has existed since 1907, the original Buick was built there until GM bought it out in 1918. Over the years the Gov. has transfered billions of $'s from our pockets, through taxes, into the coffers of these companies, because they complained of going out of business, if they didn't get it. Meanwhile their top 1% kept raking in millions. Somebody came up with the bright idea that their profits would be much higher if they kept the design department and low paying call center jobs here, and moved the manufacturing and assembly jobs (the well paying working man jobs) off-shore. Greed has no loyalties.

What are they going to do when the wages start to rise and eat into their profits. They will complain to the government of these countries, whose human rights are questionable, and for a while anyway, they will keep wages down on threat of life and limb.

What happens when even these measures can't keep their greed satisfied. It's up in the air, I won't be here, but visions of a dystopian future run through my head. Something like what is represented in "The Hunger Games" or "The Handmaid's Tale".

Am I ranting more often? Forgive me. We need a solution for the ever consuming rust in this world.

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