Tuesday, December 4, 2018

A Foxy Visiter

So I stepped out onto the porch this afternoon, just in time to catch a luxuriously clad fox with a big bushy tail, on the edge of the rock outcrop. I grabbed the camera and got a few pictures. They used to come alot closer to the house on their rounds, but since I opened up the property and did the landscaping, they are keeping their distance, probably because the woods are much further away, in case they have to run for it.

When I was building the house, I was sawing some wood outside on a couple of horses one day, when a fox came walking up to me. He looked healthy but I didn't trust him, so I put my saw down and chased him off. It became quickly clear that he was running just fast enough to stay ahead of me. After the first turn around the house I started laughing. After the second turn, I was tired of his game and went back to my sawing. He came close again and sat back on his butt for a good 10 minutes, watching me work, before casually walking off. I guess he was in the habit of being fed and expected the same from me. LOL.

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