Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Dave Could Have Improved On That Mill

So I was browsing some saved files this afternoon and came across an older P & H horizontal, boring, drilling, and milling machine. Looking at it, I was reminded of Dave Gingery's milling machine.

D, Gingery's book on "The Milling Machine" from his "Metalworking Shop From Scrap" series.

Dave says his mill was modeled after the Lincoln type Brainard mills pictured below. I don't know if Dave ever came across a picture of the P & H model above, but I think it comes far closer to resembling his creation.

His creation is an awesome little machine for the hobby shop, without alot of expense beyond the investment of time. It's a big learning curve for the novice, but you will gain much knowledge  and the ability to pursue other projects.

I titled this "Dave could have improved on that mill" because a wider 2 or 3 T slot table, sitting on a more substantial bed casting, would have made for a much more robust machine and come closer to resembling the P & H. I believe I remember a site where someone tried exactly that. Dave probably would have gone with that also, but he was limiting the size of his castings, to the size of the furnace capacity, built in a previous book.

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