Sunday, December 2, 2018

"Getting The Most Out Of Your Circular Saw And Jointer"

Over the years Delta published many"Getting The Most Out Of Your ....." manuals covering most of the shop equipment found in a typical workshop. I posted one a while back on abrasive equipment, grinders, sanders, etc. This edition comes from 1937 and covers table saws and jointers. They are not large, this one is 52 pages, but they are packed with info. cover to cover. I have a few more titles and editions, hopefully get them up in the future.

To download "Getting The Most Out Of Your Circular Saw And Jointer", go to my Books - Free Downloads page, # 73 - 5 MB - pdf.

Get'n so thick out there, I can't see out the windows ha,ha. Oh well back to the football game, no sign of a single snow flake there ha, ha.

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