Sunday, December 2, 2018

"Good Housekeeping 100 Best One-Dish Meals"

So here is something I haven't done before and probably won't do again. A cookbook post. I have a modest cookbook collection, less than one 3' shelf. They tend to concentrate on quick easy meals and a number of cookie (ha, ha) and a few dessert books. Here's a quick picture of some typical titles.

A few years ago I found a digital copy of Good Housekeeping's "100 Best One-Dish Meals". It has become one of my favorites. I like the one dish idea, quick and not to many dishes and I like lots of flavour, found in many of these recipes. Love their shepherds pie and enchiladas.

To download 176 pages of some easy recipes, for some tasty meals go to my Books - Free Downloads page, # 72 - 5 MB - pdf.

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