Monday, December 3, 2018

Novice Machinist 2 - Small Tools

As mentioned in the Novice Machinist 1 post I have a few books of projects for the student machinist. These are full of small tool and accessory projects that are both, instructive learning exercises for the novice machinist, and useful tooling for the hobby shop. Degree of difficulty ranges from simple to advanced, with the majority of projects falling between. Look for other posts from these books titled as "Novice Machinist ...".

These projects were designed for the student machinist. I can't stress enough the need to exercise safety practices in the shop. The lock on your shop door should not let you in, until you put your safety glasses on, no exceptions, and I know your tempted, I am, but never clear swarf with your fingers while a machine is running, if you enjoy having fingers.

The first book is titled "Metal Projects Book 3" by John R. Walker and published by Goodheart-Willcox in 1977. There are 3 or 4 good posts here. I will start today with 4 small tools that will find use around the shop. The accuracy of a tool like the adjustable square will be the biggest challenge, in this little collection.

These drawings are sized to be comfortable to work with. To save, first expand to maximum size (may require two clicks depending on your tech.) and then click "save as".

So we got nailed with 15-20 cm. yesterday and over night. Those snow banks are starting to get deep already and we just started into December. As one CBC comedian said "Damn it Winter slow down, at this rate you won't have any snow left for March." LOL. In my case thats probably April, those Torontonians are spoiled. LOL.

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