Monday, January 21, 2019


So if you follow football, there is only one word for the game between the Patriots and the Chiefs yesterday "WOW". Haven't seen a game that exciting in a long time.

Coach Belichick analyzed the opposition well. "Destroy their defense and keep Mahomes off the field", worked well for the first half but watch out for the second half, here comes Mahomes, ha, ha. Best last quarter in resent memory, ended in a tie.

The Patriots won the coin toss for the overtime, and Brady put on a clinic on how to march down the field for a touch down and the win.

Gronkowski was outstanding, Belichick had him doing double duty to confuse the coverage, you never new if he was going to be blocking to open up a laneway or receiving from his tight-end position.

In the end lots of old time experience won out, but now that Mahomes has his first year under his belt, watchout, here come the Chiefs.

The Saints got robbed, the Rams will be playing the Patriots in the Superbowl.

                       What, we won again? LOL                              Gronk, are you a blocker or a reciever? ha, ha.

So the second "WOW" today was that awesome "Super Blood Wolf Moon" we got last night. A full moon in January is a Wolf moon and the total eclipse of the moon gives it that orange reddish color. It was -40 degrees last night so I wasn't going to stand out in a snow bank, the pictures were taken at a angle through less than spotless  window glass, so they are not that great.

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