Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Abused But Tough Enough To Take It.

My poor snowblower, I abuse it every winter, but knock on wood, it keeps taking it. Saturday I went out to clean the previous couple of days storm. We had gotten 3" of snow followed by 3 hrs. of freezing rain, followed by 3" more of snow. The result was 1/4" of ice sandwiched between heavy snow. Not nice the blower got a hell of a workout. By the end the blower was vibrating badly and the noise sounded like a skipping chain.

I new I had no more adjustment on the idler tension adjustment, so back in the shop I opened it up to see how bad it was. The chain was hanging loose and had obviously been slipping on the sprockets. I had ment to rebuild the blower head in the fall but winter moved in so quickly I didn't get a chance. Another job for this summer, new bearings, shafts, chains and maybe sprockets depending on the wear.

So on the right below is the chain I removed, bad, four rollers are worn right off and a fifth is ready to go. Now thats a worn out chain, you can also see the amount of wear on the quick link. Eight years ago when I rebuilt the blower, I dug out a salvaged size 40 chain, cut it in half to replace the worn original chain. On the left below is the other half and a new quick link. Hopefully I can get another eight years out of this half. The price is right ha, ha.

The new/salvaged chain installed on the blower.

So I got 4" of snow build up since Saturday by this morning, so I tried out the blower to make room for the 4"-8" in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.  The new chain did the trick no vibration, quiet and it was throwing snow back to + 30' again.

As you can see in the next few pictures, the laneway banks are getting pretty deep. The banks are now deeper than the drift cutters on the blower. In 18 years I only remember 2 or 3 other times when that happened.

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