Saturday, February 2, 2019

Build Your Own Unimat Style Lathe

Many people are familiar with the small hobby class Unimat style lathe. Before the cheap imports got into the game they were the most affordable small hobby lathe on the market, they were European made by Emco and there were many accessories available including a milling head. The bed and cross slide ways were made of steel shafting and therefor this was a very small lathe to remain ridged.

Here is a plan also built by a European, Guenter Kallies, which is similar to the Unimat, but with larger dimensions. All measurements are metric and there are no castings used. Instructions are relatively clear and include material lists. If you want to avoid the castings in the Gingery plans, this may be an option.

To download the 32 page pdf  click Build Your Own Lathe 3 MB.

The Emco - Unimat Model "SL"

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