Friday, February 1, 2019

Building A Roubo Bench

So a while back I posted a series of workbench plans. There seems to have been lots of interest, so here are a couple of more.

The first is another Roubo style bench. This one is built by Nick Myers and was posted on the now defunct site. As before Nick, if you object to reposting, message me and it will be removed. Nick built a beautiful and very heavy bench from a neighbor's downed Red Oak tree. He cut it up himself with a chainsaw mill and let it dry for quite a few years. It made for challenging material but in the end Nick produced a very inspiring workbench.

To download a 2.2 MB pdf of Nick's bench build click Building A Roubo Bench.

After building the Roubo bench, Nick decided he wanted a Moxon vise, common to Holtzapffel style benches. As you recall I incorporated both types into my bench, works if you have access to both sides of the bench. If you do lots of hand tool work on the ends of boards, such as dovetail work on drawer construction, the Moxon is the way to go. Nicks Moxon is portable and easily clamped to the surface of the workbench.

To download the 600 KB pdf of Nicks Moxon build click Building A Low Cost Moxon Vise.

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