Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Village Press

So for a change in pace here are a few articles for the hobby machine shop. So Britain has "My Time Media Ltd." that publishes "Model Engineer" and "Model Engineer's Workshop" among others. In the US "The Village Press" publishes "The Home Shop Machinist" and "Machinist's Workshop" formerly "Projects In Metal" and a few other similar titles. They also publish many books dealing with various hobby machine shop activities. If you are looking for back issues they still have many available on their site. I have many of both titles but I am far from complete. "Projects In Metal" only published for 10 years (88 - 98) before it was renamed "Machinists Workshop" with an emphasis on the beginning machinist.

Here is a description of the magazines they publish. This was taken from their subscription page.

The small tool and cutter grinder on the cover of "Projects In Metal" above is a challenging project. If you would like to explore this great little machine shop project, check out the next 2 posts.

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