Friday, February 1, 2019


So for something different today we will start off with a little historical article to get your blood flowing. So browsing Ben Thompson's site " the other day, I found an entry on Portugal's "first and greatest hero". As mentioned in a previous post Ben Thompson does not shy away from colorful language and is not too concerned about being politically correct, so be warned.

So when the Romans finally defeated Hannibal and the Huns and wiped Carthage off the map, they set there eyes on the Iberian peninsula (Portugal and Spain). Their legions landed on the Spanish coast and they quickly started to consume the peninsula. When they approached what is today modern Portugal, they came up against a people known as the Lusitani living in the highlands of central Portugal and western Spain. For a decade they did not get any further, and on one occasion were pushed right back to the coast, where they landed.

If not for the act of three Judases (but of course, it would be a different planet, with a different evolutionary record, if there was no Judas) they may never have taken it. Thats a strong statement to make. I make it on the basis that towards the end, the Romans had to enforce conscription to continue to send legions to fight the Lusitanians and their leader Viriathus, who had a habit of destroying whole legions and never lost a fight. Viriathus is credited as the originator of modern guerilla warfare, 10 to 1 odds was standard fare. Here's his story.

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