I live on 80 acres of Northern Ontario Canadian Shield. I grew up exploring "shield" geography and love the rough terrain, boreal forest and wildlife. I am now retired and the home and workshops I have built here allow me to pursue my woodworking and general metalworking hobbies at my leisure. I have enjoyed these hobbies ever since I was a kid. I still have memories of happily leafing through a Popular Mechanics diy encyclopedia at the local library before I was old enough to play with real tools.

Last year, after spending my first post retirement years on further development of my property, I started back in the workshop. My first project was a dual fuel, aluminum and iron melting furnace, as documented in the "Hothead" furnace post. I hope to continue with detailed builds of many projects I have always wanted to build, but never found the time for before. My workshop interests run from woodworking to machining, welding, casting, pattern making, smithing and old machine rebuilding (when I can find them at reasonable prices). I enjoy a very extensive collection of books on workshop practice and projects, general engineering old and more recent and other interests such as history and general science. One of my favorite project collections is the D. Gingery series, their are still a couple of his shop machines I would like to build.

Here are some property and project pictures.

I hope viewers will find some interest and enjoyment in the project builds, plans and information articles and property and nature pictures found on my site.

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