The web is huge with a countless number of great sites covering every interest imaginable. It is hard to make up a links page that includes even a fraction of the links touching on my interests. However there are a small number of links that I keep on speed dial and visit regularly. Heres a listing of some of my favorite links.

General Interest Sites

1. Internet Archive - Millions of books and other media. If there is an old book you like, you may never find a paper copy but you will probably find a digital copy here.

2. Vintage Machinery - A great resource for old tool and machine information, mainly North American manufactures.

3. Machine Tool Archive - Another great resource for old machine enthusiasts. This is a UK site and covers manufacturers from around the world. The emphasis is on metalworking machines but also covers some woodworking machines.

4. Anvilfire - A great site full of resources for the beginner blacksmith and the seasoned metal banger.

5. WK FineTools - An excellent site for those interested in old hand tools for woodworking, lots of build articles for some beautifully made tools, workbenches, and other workshop items. A nice digital library of free old tech. books.

6.Woodweb - A great woodworking resource site. Information and discussion on everything wood related from cutting down the tree to producing fine furniture and everything in between.

7. Home Metal Shop Club - Based in Houston, Texas this site has been around for a long time. Lots of great hobby metal workshop projects. I have been downloading there monthly newsletter for as long as I have been on the web.

8. Woodgears - Mattias Wandel is a true innovator and Canadian resource, Mattias sells some of the best diy woodworking shop plans I have ever come across. He also hosts pictures and the story behind many of his clients builds. 

9. I Build It - John Heisz is in the same business as Mattias above and has produced some very innovative woodworking shop plans. He is apparently very popular on his 3 U-tube channels. My slow connection prevents me from downloading video, which is good since I would never get anything done.

Project Hosting Sites

These are forums of course and there are thousands out there. I tried a handful for a while and quickly determined that the environment was not for me. They reminded me of some of the nasty work environments I was happy to retire from.

In any case here are three great sites that I still upload my finished projects to.

1. Lumberjocks - A huge site with many thousands of uploaded projects. If its made of wood you will probably find a version of it here. Tools, furniture and art all in wood. Great site.

2. WeldingWeb - Another huge project archive. If its made of metal and welded you will find it here. Lots of info. on equipment and methods as well.

3. Home Made Tools - Exhaustive home made tools archive with a huge builder index. Tools and accessories of all types are covered but the emphasis is on metalworking, machining, smithing, welding, sheet metal etc. 

Tool Sources And Supplies

These are Canadian sources and more specific Ontario.

1. Busy Bee Tools - This is Canada's answer to Grizzly tools in the US. They have been around since the late seventies and still carry a lot of Taiwan machines which, in my opinion, are still better quality than some other imports.

2. Princess Auto - A comparable retailer in the states would be Harbor Freight. Long time ago they used to carry a lot of great surplus motors and mechanical assemblies at great prices, not any more unfortunately.

3. Lee Valley Tools - A Canadian icon. Prices are on the high end but so is the tool quality and innovative designs, Veritas Tools is their in house manufacturer and their tools are second to none.

4. R & D Bandsaws - I have put in many orders over the years, always good service. They supply standard and custom length bandsaw blades and other workshop blades in many tooth configurations and grades of steel, they will even sell you full rolls, if you want to make you own.There is also a good selection of bandsaw accessories and parts including blade guides and tires.

5. Fargo Industrial - I have put a few orders in here, fast service, they supply mainly drive components, huge selection of good quality machined V belt pulleys, belts and other drive components at reasonable prices. 

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