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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Plans - Welding & Cutting Bench

So from the same book as the last post, "Arc Welding Projects" Volume II, comes this great little plan for a welding and cutting bench. It is small enough that it can be moved around and large enough to work on many project sized assemblies. There are a few accessories that you don't normally find on a small bench. A small vise mounted on the front right corner and a shelf on the bottom stretchers will make it complete for me.

Here are the plans, good resolution, so click twice to expand for best view.

So tomorrow is a snow day, got 30 cm. (12") and 1/6 of a mile of heavy wet snow to clear. They are forecasting 13*C (55*F) for this weekend. So knock on wood, spring might actually be here.

Plans - Truck Mounted Hoist

So while I was browsing the Metalworking Drop Box yesterday I came across plans for a truck mounted hoist. Problem is, it was such a poor scan it was unusable. It was scanned from the Lincoln Foundation book "Arc Welded Projects Volume II". I checked my shelves and sure enough, I had it. These project books are all available on the Lincoln welding site, but sadly shipping to Canada has recently become prohibitive.

I have had use for one of these many times on my yard truck, and I have been on the verge of buying an import on sale more than once. I have always backed off because I have everything I need to build my own, (if I could only get off my butt cheeks, lol ). This plan is better than the imports and if you build it, you control the quality.

So here is the plan, resolution is very good, so expand for best view.

Check out the next post for a nice welding & cutting bench from the same book.