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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Fresh Thanksgiving Dinner Comes Early

I mentioned the flocks of Canada Geese flying south earlier. Wouldn't you know it I looked out the front window after supper and there are three Canada Geese, feeding on my front lawn. Thats what you get for not cutting it, ha ha.

Wildlife has been slim pickings this summer, probably because of all the noise I have been making in the welding shop. I had the mother and bear cub early in the year, the herons dropped by once but left before I could get pictures, I have a fox occasionally drop in on his rounds, mice are becoming rare on my property, so pickings are slim. Moose are usually on the move during hunting season so I may get a chance for some pictures yet.

I have had a couple of Canada Geese spend a couple of days here on their flight south before, but these guys were not staying, just before the sun dipped below the horizon they took to the air and disappeared. There goes my thanksgiving dinner, ha ha, just kidding, I haven't hunted since I was a teenager, camera's more fun.

UPDATE: Sept. 19

Their Back
Got up this morning and the same three geese were back on the lawn, must be taking a break from their flight south.

This time of year, every time I here the geese I get a brain bug of Neil Young's song repeating in my head, "There is a town in North Ontario, big birds flying across the sky". I think the song refers to Blind River, a small town between Sudbury and Sault St. Marie. Some say it refers to a town in the Muskoka area, but thats not "in my mind" even North Ontario. It's where Toronto money goes for summer fun.

So the three geese stayed all day, they were obviously loading up for the next leg of their trip. Ha ha, it's a sad excuse for not doing my lawn today, but I let them go at it all day. It's going to turn cold and wet for the next couple of days so they will probably be gone tomorrow. They had it all worked out as they moved around the property, one always had its head up in the air while the other two foraged, keeping an eye out for that fox no doubt.