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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Belts / Pulleys / Motor Mounts

So powers back on , out almost 24 hrs., must have been a lot of trees down out there, I seem to have gotten by unscathed. Could have been worse, the Ottawa area got hit with two tornadoes that leveled a small neighborhood and knocked the power out to half a million people. It was part of the same storm system.

So here is chapter 37 from "Complete Book Of Home Workshops". This chapter covers belts, pulleys, and motor mounts. For the novice setting up a home hobby shop much of this information is must know, for the long experienced, much of it is considered basic, but basic, like "common sense", sometimes isn't so common. If you get your information from interactive sites, there is always that one character who gets joy from convincing you, the wrong answer is the right answer.

So here's 8 pages of motor and tool speed set-up, common sense information.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Shop Motors

It's been one of those days, blow trees down, and shingles off, windy, ( I am on battery power right now, power went out half an hour ago) wet, and gloomy. So I spent part of the day exploring one of my bookcases, in addition to the Home Shop Machinist books that I posted from earlier, I came across  a Popular Science published book by David X. Manners, "The Complete Book Of Home Workshops" published in 1969. It is full of good ideas and lots of good basic shop information,

Chapters 36 and 37 deal with shop motors, belts, pulleys, and motor mounts. Chapter 36 "Motors" is a very good basic explanation of shop motors, different types, and their characteristics. It covers the basics of trouble shooting in clear understandable language without going so deep that the average hobbyist is left behind. I have argued in the past that manufacturers HP ratings on motor plates can't be trusted, they don't seem to take efficiency into consideration. Mr. Manners explains this better than I have in the past.

So here is chapter 36, I will upload chapter 37 tomorrow. There are a few other chapters worth uploading from this volume in the future.

Hope this wind dies down, could be a lot of trees down and damage tomorrow. These unpredictable weather conditions and fire of course are the reason I cut back the forest as far as I did, though fire can jump 8 acres like it was hop scotch.