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Monday, February 4, 2019

Machine Gun Drones

So the Patriots are on top again. A bit of a boring low scoring game, Edelman was outstanding and the Gronk made the catch that set up the only touchdown in the game. Brady will be back next year, 30 is the new 42, ha, ha.

So while waiting for the game, I was sitting around munching out and daydreaming. The drone incidents going on at airports recently crossed my mind. It crossed my mind that a weaponized drone in the wrong hands could be a disaster. We are all familiar with huge drones like the "Predator" used by the American military. They cost millions and fire missals that take out the target and everything else close by, including civilians. But what about the new small drones fitted with something like a machine gun, A good quality one can be purchased for a grand, everyone and his dog seems to have one and machine guns seem to be as common in the states, as apple pie.

And then I thought, hell, there's no damned way someone else hasn't thought the same thing before. So I did a search and this article came up, right away.

Turns out Duke Robotics has developed one in the last few years and the Israelis have tried them out on the battle field. They are operated remotely but Google is developing autonomous software for the military. What does that mean? They can go looking for a target, using things like face recognition I assume, and other location methods without any remote control. If you fit them with a mini nuclear power source (still a long shot, but some space craft have them) they could be on the prowl for weeks before having to come in. And you thought Skynet was Si- Fi in an Arnold movie.

We all know how reliable software is and it is impossible to hack it, right. The words of one of Leonard Cohen's songs comes to mine "The future, is murder". We can only hope the power centered egoist south of the border doesn't decide armed drones are cheaper than a wall, to get around budget approval. For all I know they are already there but the cameras haven't been replaced with machine guns yet.