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Monday, January 28, 2019

Interior Warmer Hack

So that killer cold continues, and taking a break from feeding my wood stove and reading, I figured I could do a couple of posts. Off and on for the last two weeks or so we have been breaking low temp. records that have stood for 100 years ( if my name was "Trump" I'd be saying "see no global warming" lol). A couple of mornings ago the temp. hit -46 and -52 with the wind chill. For the first time, my truck wouldn't start. I plugged the block heater in and set up my hacked interior warmer under the engine. It started within an hour.

I have never been crazy about interior warmers, back in 1981 I got an interior warmer from my dad, I don't know how long he had had it. It needed a mounting bracket and it spent most of its time in storage. 12 years ago I came across it and decided to mount it in a portable and adjustable stand. It has come in quite handy over the years. It comes in handy as a small space heater in the outdoor equipment shed, which is insulated, and the adjustable heater allows me to direct the heat where I want it, I often use it to warm up my yard tractor on these very cold days, and as it happens it fits nicely under my truck engine as well.

Here is the heater mounted in a stand of my own design and construction.

The heater tilt is adjustable, here in it's middle range. After many years of use it could use a new cord and some paint touch ups but otherwise good for another 40 years.

Here it is tilted up for use in warming things like engine oil pans.

Here is the stand I built with the heater removed. I had a large piece of light and shallow U channel. After careful measurements, I marked it out and cut it on my import metal bandsaw. I then drilled two 1/4" heater mounting holes, 4, 5/16" holes for the rubber feet, and two 3/8' holes for the adjustment locking knob. Next I did the bending and a paint job. That was it, ready to mount the heater.