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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Update (Tip) To the Gingery Speed Reducer.

If like me, you like and build Dave's speed reducer in "Simple Lathe", here's a tip that will save lots of  quarters from your curse jar (lol). The step pulleys in the counter shaft, and most good lathe head stocks, are enclosed between inboard and outboard bearings. Changing a worn belt or moving the counter shaft involves dismantling one or both of these assemblies. The solution is using a link belt for these drives. Like this:

Link belts grip well and are long wearing. Price is higher than your average belt but well worth it for special applications, such as this. The higher price is no doubt due to the many pieces per ft. of belt required. The idea has been around for a very long time so patent rights are long expired.

This add came from the Busy Bee flyer and they are available from most drive component suppliers.

Comic Relief:

Disclaimer: Busy Bee provides no free-bees or discounts for this mention, beyond providing me with a regular flyer to entice me with pictures of all of their workshop candy (lol).