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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

"Rust Never Stops" The Rust Belt Expands

By now most have already heard, GM is shutting down the big plant in Oshawa Ontario, and 4 plants in the US. The CEO made 29 Mil last year, the company had 3.3 Billion in profits, they blather on about how they have to switch to self driving and electric cars. Thats fine but the parts and cars have to be made and assembled somewhere and heres the catch, the insatiable greed of the top 1% has set their sights on 8 Billion in profits in the future, and to achieve that, manufacturing and assembly will have to be done off shore, where wages are still keeping people in poverty.

The Oshawa plant has existed since 1907, the original Buick was built there until GM bought it out in 1918. Over the years the Gov. has transfered billions of $'s from our pockets, through taxes, into the coffers of these companies, because they complained of going out of business, if they didn't get it. Meanwhile their top 1% kept raking in millions. Somebody came up with the bright idea that their profits would be much higher if they kept the design department and low paying call center jobs here, and moved the manufacturing and assembly jobs (the well paying working man jobs) off-shore. Greed has no loyalties.

What are they going to do when the wages start to rise and eat into their profits. They will complain to the government of these countries, whose human rights are questionable, and for a while anyway, they will keep wages down on threat of life and limb.

What happens when even these measures can't keep their greed satisfied. It's up in the air, I won't be here, but visions of a dystopian future run through my head. Something like what is represented in "The Hunger Games" or "The Handmaid's Tale".

Am I ranting more often? Forgive me. We need a solution for the ever consuming rust in this world.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

How To Make A Treadle-Operated Wood-Turning Lathe # 6

So continuing with ITP's Workshop Equipment series, here is # 6 "How To Make A Treadle-operated Wood-turning Lathe". This is a metalworking project and involves welding but it's used for woodworking (that will piss-off a few, ha, ha).

This lathe is welded up from mild steel sections and incorporates salvaged parts for the flywheel and drive assembly, mainly a brake drum and bicycle drive parts. There are woodturners who prefer to use a treadle lathe even in the presence of power, it's a personal preference. Mainly, treadle lathes are machines from the past when electrical power was something that shot out of the sky in lightning bolts. If your off grid, like to save on your energy bill, or just enjoy the slower control of a treadle lathe this is one of the more advanced versions of the treadle lathe out there.

To download "How To Make A Treadle-operated Wood-turning Lathe" go to my Books - Free Downloads page. # 67 - 3 MB - pdf.

Looking for a good read? If you like reading politics, and how it is failing us, you might like this.

Interested in reading a good book on the state of the union by a prize winning author? "America, The Farewell Tour" by Christopher Hedges is a good place to start. It has become clear to most that America is on the backside of the slope. The question is how fast and steep will the ride down the slope get? Mr. Hedges is certain we will find that out within the next 20 years (damn, I might live to see it, ha, ha). The author puts the blame squarely on the heads of big business and the 1%. They have destroyed the economic well being of 95% of us, and they are destroying our planet at a unprecedented rate, to satisfy their insatiable appetite, for the power of ultimate wealth. It's a given the Republicans are their puppets and the Democrats have been bought off long time ago. Bernie Sanders was a bright light in the last American election but the Democratic party and their controllers the 1% weren't going to let that happen. The result, Trump. The masses figured he couldn't hurt them worst than Clinton and the Democratic Party had already done (letting the 1% destroy the working class in America to maximize their profits). So what about the 1%, no problem they had both bases covered. God help us, oops, the Republicans own him, were in trouble. 

Monday, November 19, 2018

Double Service Bench/Picnic Table

So continuing on with projects I hope to tackle in the coming year. Since I finished the trails and landscaping of the property I have been looking to make a few picnic tables and 3 or 4 benches to spread around interesting little corners of the property.

Looking through the "Arc Welding Projects" Vol. III book the other day I was reminded of the nice double duty picnic table there. It looks good as a picnic table, and pull a couple of pins, and it is a large solid bench. Two sets of these would just about do it, for my quiet areas. They look quite tough and long lasting. Tough enough to handle a couple of bears on a blueberry picnic, ha, ha.

So it's official, November this year, is colder than most -18 C this morning. So talking about cold, I think I have made my last post on a forum, they are on the way out, but I am amazed they have survived this long. The "flat earthers" are starting to outnumber the project posters and instead of actually sharing projects, you end up arguing with people who don't really believe the earth is flat, but get more enjoyment from arguing that it is.

My solution for flat earthers is load them all on a tramp steamer. Load the hold with baked beans. They can all eat beans to feed the engines with methane from the tubes connected to their ass. They can set sail and not be allowed to dock again until they either find the edge or decide it makes more sense to get real. LOL.

Edit: It seems at least one person is confused by the term "flat earther" Believe it or not a flat earther still believes the earth is flat. I am using the term here as a metaphor for subject matter that is to stupid to be worthy of discussion, doesn't mean you can't have an opinion, just don't expect discussion by reasonable people.

Maybe these guys are just looking for a free ride into space to prove them wrong. LOL.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Some Preachy Maybe Politically Incorrect Musings

So I was browsing through a copy of the 1898 Modern Machinery magazine reprinted by Lindsey Publications. Some nice articles in there, however an article and a advertisement touching on human nature caught my attention. This may sound preachy, don,t worry, it happens seldom enough, ha, ha.

The first rant concerns a free energy engine (perpetual motion) lauded by a Mr. Keely to "override the laws of nature" and "harness unknown forces". That alone would have turned away most informed people but surprisingly his claims attracted more interest and investment than any other idea up to that time. This had gone on for a very long time but it only took a Mr. A. E. Scott one viewing to determine the engine a massive fraud, declaring Mr. Keely a "juggler of superior ability". Madoff anyone?

Why did so many people invest? Either they were unaware or skeptical of what science was saying and saw a chance for a quick buck. Or they were aware of the fraud but put there morals aside to ride on the coattails of a fraud, also for a quick easy buck.

The second thing that caught my eye is an advertisement for files. We often hear how sexist exploitation of women dominates advertising. Hey, news for you, it,s been around since advertising began. I was surprised to see this blatant advertisement. Blatant in that a horse should have good teeth and a good temper too and would make more sense since there is a horseshoe stamped on the heal of the file, but then as now a pretty girl gets more clicks.

So, so what? Whats the point? No point, I am not saying anything the majority of people aren't aware of but often choose to ignore. There is a great and hilarious rant that George Carlin does on the ten commandments in which he argues that the ten commandments were over rated and should have only been three. I would argue two might suffice, control the cells desire for "power" (domination), and "greed" and all of humanity will benefit. Easier said than done.

Thats my rant, done for another year lol.