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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Electromagnetic Repulsion Coil

I was going to call this post, Building a Rail Gun or A Gauss Rifle, but that wouldn't be accurate and it might attract the wrong kind of attention lol. This plan is a shop built Repulsion Coil. On a very basic level the tech. is similar to the two mentioned weapons, at greatly reduced power levels. The American Navy is currently working on Rail Guns that can fire a projectile 230 miles at speeds of Mach 7 (thats almost 5000 mph) and draws 6 million amps per shot. Current hurdles are capacitor banks, materials and 25 MW of available power. An all electrically powered ship is on the drawing boards to get around some of the power problems. The idea is that you will be able to momentarily switch all available power to the Rail Guns. China has done some development work on Rail Guns and has armed some of their ships with them, if you believe some of the info available on the web.

So back to our Repulsion Coil. This is a great little project that will allow you to fire a aluminum pipe section 3' into the air at the push of a button and let you defeat gravity and hover the same pipe section in thin air.

The project is in a used book I found back in the 90's. "Science Experimenter" was published by ARCO in 1964. It is full of great projects for the electrical hobbyist. You can build a small 50,000 volt Van de Graaff Generator or an advanced Tesla Coil. Think K-Tel invented the clap your hands on-off switch? Think again Walter B. Ford has plans here for one, long before K-Tel came out with theirs lol.

I have probably a dozen project manuals like this dealing with electrical, chemistry and physics experiments for the home hobbyist. They are small enough that I hope to scan and share many of them in the future, this one included.

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