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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Shop Notes Magazine

So I would be remiss if I didn't include a project from either Woodsmith or it's companion publication Shop Notes. Woodsmith was first published in 1979. Back then it was a short, advertisement free, publication concentrating mainly on furniture projects. It has since expanded to include other workshop interests. But beautiful full color furniture projects are still the main content. In 1992 Woodsmith Corp. published a spin off called "Shop Notes". Is there a connection to Popular Mechanics?? PM was the originator of that name.

Shop Notes focuses on the workshop, shop built machines, jigs and tips, shop furniture and storage plans, and tool reviews are mainly what is found here. Some of the best shop built machines I have seen, are found here. If you browse the web you can't miss coming across some of their plans. Here are a couple of jigs from the first "Shop Notes" 1992.

Be warned. Political musings coming up. It's rare I go there, if you object don't read.

Would Brexit and Trump have occurred if the millions of BS posts oozing out of Russia had not influenced the 10% or so sitting on the fence, in most elections or referendums. Why, we all know what Putin's desires are, they were well demonstrated in the Caucuses and the Ukraine. The west has not been totally dumb to this, and increased NATO forces in the Baltics. Trump's attitude, and the kind of strife that Brexit, and other interventions going on in European politics has created, don't help NATO, and must have Putin smiling, "It's all going as planned", after all he has the rest of his life to achieve his desires.

Trump's desire to pull back to the borders from the rest of the world, leaving the weaker nations of the world to fend for themselves, in the face of aggression from reborn 20th century aggressors like Russia, seem to fit well with Trump's greatest desires, power and wealth to feed his ego. It seems he would be happy to be the arms supplier to all this strife (Saudi Arabia), as America was before it entered into the 2nd WW. Thats a dangerous game he plays, for all of us.

Now your probably thinking "Wow that must be some strong legal pot, those Canadians are smoking" LOL. Not at all, haven't touched the stuff in years.