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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Home Training In Cabinet Work # 28, 29 And 30

In this set of articles a number of interesting plans for around the house. This completes the articles in this series. Stickley published a number of other article series in the Craftsman magazine, including some on sheet metal tinwork for around the house. I may upload more in the future if there is interest for them.

In # 28 there is plans for a stool, arm chair and table in a solid unique design. Here's the link.

In # 29 find plans for a wall cabinet, folding card table and a blast from the long past a phonograph and record stand. Here's the link.

And in the last of the series are plans for a nice table/desk, a screen and a bookcase/cupboard. Here's the link.

If anyone is interested in Stickley designs and "The Craftsman" magazine and would like to see more plan type articles, message me and I will try to put together a few more files to upload in the future.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Home Training In Cabinet Work #25, 26 And 27

Well were nearing the end of the Stickley articles. In todays 3 articles Stickley outlines a number of small plans for around the home.

In # 25 there are plans for a hall tree, a nice hall settle and a hall mirror.Heres the link:

In # 26 we find plans for a hanging bookshelf, a craftsman bookcase and a wood storage box that is also a nice seat.Here is the link:

# 27 has a mug rack, a nice piano bench and a small craftsman table. Heres the link:

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Home Training In Cabinet Work # 22, 23 And 24

I should be outside working today but this rain just will not let up this year, oh well I got the whole summer.

So here is this weeks installment of Home Training in Cabinet Work . In #22 you will find a couple of vintage plans, a shaving stand, a washstand and a veranda easy chair. Here's the link.

# 23 has 4 craftsman style plans, a small bookcase, a child's desk, a tea server and a table bookcase. here's the link.

And lastly in # 24 Stickley goes back outside with plans for a rustic bench for the cabin, a rustic horse supported table and a rustic gun and rod cabinet. Here's the link.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Home Training in Cabinet Work # 19, 20 And 21

In this weeks Home Training articles we go back indoors, # 19 is a hand full of nice child's room furniture. Their's a open bookcase/nightstand, a bed, settee and dresser. In the other two you will find a piano bench and a number of tables. For the card players there is a round table that in my mind would make a very nice card table.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Home Training In Cabinet Work # 16, 17 And 18

This weeks three articles are all rustic furniture, some nice easy looking pieces are illustrated. A swing seat, a covered seat, some garden chairs, a lounge and a nice easy looking bed that would be at home in any rustic decor.

Here is the link for # 16.

And the link for # 17

And # 18

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Home Training In Cabinet Work # 13, 14 and 15

This weeks 3 articles are quite short only 4 and 6 pages but there are 3 or 4 furniture plans that some might like to tackle, including a nice corner cabinet, night stand and a few settees.

For #13 click the following link.

For # 14 the following link.

And for # 15 the last link.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Home Training In Cabinet Work #' 10, 11 And 12

I compiled the remaining articles from the original volumes on the internet archive. I don't have cleanup software so they are a bit yellowed, since this was before acid free paper became commonplace. Not a problem with the articles, adds a bit of old age character.

In these three articles you will find a very nice Morris chair (I have to build a version of this, one day). A large circular kitchen table with some very nice chairs to put around it and a sideboard and settle along with some nice smaller plans.

The link for # 10

The link for # 11

And the link for # 12

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Home Training In Cabinet Work # 7, 8 And 9

So here is the next three installments in the series. In # 7 Stickley does a nice write up on finishing furniture wood in response to a reader inquiry. This is followed by a hand full of nice plans bookcase, bedstead, highchair and finishes up with a short write up on dovetails and drawer construction. # 8 covers various shelving and a nice porch swing seat. #9 covers 2 fireplace fronts and mantels and a hall clock, mantel and wall clocks.Here are the links.

Link for # 7

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cabinet Work #4,5,And 6

The "Home Training In Cabinet Work" files are getting smaller so I will upload three at a time for the rest of the series. Today in #4 is a collection of home furniture a book shelf, table, chest and clock, all distinctly "Stickley", accompanied  by his insights and words of wisdom.

Download #4 in pdf at the following link:

# 5 is a very nice write up on furniture grade woods, its nature and grain characteristics, the sawing and drying of furniture grade woods and even some tips and advise on finishing.

Download #5 in pdf at the following link:

And #6 today has 4 very nice projects first a couple of nice desks suitable for many uses, A large very "Stickley" dining table and a comfortable looking chair.

To download #6 in pdf please click the following link: 

If your following this series enjoy.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Home Training In Cabinet Work # 3

Wednesday again, I need to get busier, time is flying by to quickly. So heres the 3rd installment of Home Training In Cabinet Work.

In this installment Stickley starts of with some views from another time, which is not to say they were wrong, just from another time. We are then presented with a handfull of nice little project plans, a stool, an interesting compact desk, a chair and a screen, a solid storage trunk that would also make a great window seat and a very nice garden bench.

To download the 14 page PDF click link below'

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Home Training In Cabinet Work No. 2

The second article of "Home Training In Cabinet Work" covers a number of tables, from a small plant stand to a large drop leaf table. All are designed in the distinct Stickley style with high quality joinery, a full bill of materials and measured drawings.

For the details and 5 more designs please click the link below for the 13 page PDF download.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Home Training In Cabinet Work No. 1

Gustav Stickley was a very popular furniture builder in the early part of the last century and advocate of the Craftsman ("Arts and Crafts" style) movement of the time. From 1901 to 1916 he was the owner and editor of " The Craftsman" a very popular magazine of the time, Not only the Stickley style of furniture but also craftsmen home designs, sculpture, architecture and culture were covered, in the US and also in many countries around the world.

The magazines are all available for download in large volumes on the Internet Archive site. Buried in those volumes is a set of 30 articles he authored titled "Home Training In Cabinet Work". He does not offer much in the line of instruction but the pages offer many designs of basic Stickley furniture, his view point being that you learn best by getting your hands in there and doing it. He includes a good sprinkling of more advanced designs like a Morris chair and many rustic outdoor furniture plans.

The first article is longer at 17 pages as he introduces the series of articles and makes some interesting comments on craftsmanship. I will try to upload all 30 articles, 1 every Wednesday, in pdf format.
To download the first article click the link below.