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Monday, November 5, 2018

Book Review: "Working Knowledge"

Here is a fine book that may find appeal among some of the visitors to this site. " Working Knowledge, Skill and Community in a Small Shop" by Douglas Harper was published in 1987, it went through 10 printings by 1996. I got my copy a couple of years ago, from a discount retailer as a publishers remainder.

You will not find measured plans here, but if you like the story of an old timer bursting with the knowledge and experience of a lifetime of work, in his small repair shop, you will like this. "Willie" the character of the subject matter here, runs a small repair shop, in a depressed rural area of northern New York. In this look into the working knowledge of a hard working, devoted, old timer with a passion for what he does, Douglas Harper gives you a unique look into the social, and economic life, of a depressed rural area on the edge of the rust belt. Fortunately there are many Willies around the American rust belt, unfortunately the name "rust belt" is synonymous with economic depression.

I could go deep and angry as to why rust belts exist in the States (Canada is no stranger to them as well). Why the huge corporations prefer, close to slave labor, in countries with questionable human rights, to produce their (now designed to be disposable) products, to boost there bank accounts and the bank accounts of the top 1%, who own the controlling shares in their companies. But I won't go their, too much politics and I might get accused of being anti-capitalist. Ayn Rand had a severe bias towards 95% of us, but as has become popular with the power structures that be, she would tell you the opposite is true, that giving the top of the pile, economic leaders, unrestrained power, will lift everyone. "A rising tide floats all boats", unfortunately the 1% has most of our boats anchored with concrete, and they have convinced most of us, they had nothing to do with it, lol.

So that took you down a fork in the road, lol. Got 5 minutes for an interesting read? Here is the dust jacket content for "Working Knowledge", and part of the introduction to this interesting book. If you liked the "Foxfire" series, you will like this. I have all 10 volumes, I'll visit them at a later date.