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Friday, March 2, 2018

If It Works."One Way To Make A Garage"

Here is a little book by a homesteading couple, who's attitude and methods I can aspire to. Working people, with out deep pockets, they wanted a farm and were willing to do the hard work to get it and more hard work and ingenuity to build it up to a working farm. The "Foreword" says it best.

"Working Wood" by Mike and Nancy Bubel was written in 1977 and published by Rodale Press. In this book Mike and Nancy document many of the projects involved in the building up of a working farm. Mike is a hands on diy kind of guy, he has many innovative ideas, tips and tricks for building all the requirements of the small farm. One of the projects a large barn was completely built from recycled materials. As Nancy says you will not find fine furniture here  but you will find sound projects for building up a comfortable country property inexpensively.

Following is a project from Part II "One Way To Make A Garage". This is a quick and inexpensive way to build a garage shelter, it would also do as a material storage shed, small foundry, small forge, protected from the weather yet still well ventilated. I have a number of cordwood construction manuals and have considered building one of those structures for some of the mentioned purposes. This idea is quicker, less expensive and more suitable for the above purposes. Mike uses an asphalt roof. A 1 X 4 strapping grid on the 2 X 6 rafters, covered with metal or fiberglass roofing panels would also work well for the roof. I have some large old willows on my property and I have to agree with Mike, it's pretty useless as a heating wood. This may be a good use for them the next time I need storage space.