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Friday, January 18, 2019

Yet Another Odds And Ends

So this is 2019, one more year and I will be officially an "Old Man" ha, ha, ha. I have been enjoying the freedom to do what I want, when I want for 9 years now, hopefully lots more, lol.

So it's been a long break from posting here. We have been under the so called "Polar Vortex" for almost a week now (don't worry Toronto it's coming your way ha, ha) with temps in the -30's and wind chills in the -40's. We have had our share of snow as well. My well head is not usually buried till the end of January, a little early this year.

So in addition to enjoying holiday food and drink, I have been catching up on lots of reading in front of the fire. Here are a few of the titles I have enjoyed, I believe most are available free on the Internet Archive, "The Human Instinct" by Kenneth R. Miller, "How Democracies Die" by Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt, "The First Three Minutes" by Steven Weinberg, "The Rise Of Homo Sapiens - The Evolution Of Modern Thinking" by Frederick L. Coolidge and Thomas Wynn, and finally "A Hedonist Manifesto - The Power To Exist" by modern French philosopher Michel Onfray. Joseph McClellan translated the volume from the French and in his introduction included this rant from one of Christopher Hitchens many books. Print one of these off, and the next time a Jehova's Witness comes to the door hand him one of these, lol.
Thats a touchy subject, so enough of that. I mentioned in a previous post that it would be nice to build a couple of small cabins down by the creek on my property. Here is a very nice small plan for a one room log cabin with loft sleeping arrangements. It is small enough that a small wood stove or fireplace would keep it comfortable summer or winter and if you have any building experience, this would be a quick construction. If you can get a small supply of straight 10" or 12" pine the longest being 18', your good to go. Even this old fart can still play with a log that size. If you have a larger property or a small piece of nature somewhere, this might be just the cosy little getaway for you.

I mentioned reading but I can't forget some of the great football going on with the NFL playoffs. Every once in a while new young blood shows it's face and you can't help but go "Wow I like his style" It often ends up less than you had expected, Newton and Wilson come to mind. I am looking forward to a very exciting game between the Patriots and the Chiefs this weekend. It's to bad they are in the same Conference. This match up between old blood and new blood would have made for one exciting superbowl. Not to take anything away from who ever moves on between the Saints and Rams.

Brady, 41 years old, overflowing with records.  VS  Mahomes, 23 years old, can he deliver the proof?