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Sunday, January 28, 2018

12" Band Saw Revisited

Yes your right Kris the 12" band saw in the 73-74 shop notes was not complete. Thank you for your interest. At the time I could not find the "continued on" page and uploaded it anyway. Here is the complete article. I could not find it in my yearbooks or encyclopedias so the resolution is not much better, as I am depending on googles original archiving from over a decade ago.

Click images and then click again for best view.

Yes the hardware kit is mostly hardware store items. Using plywood wheels instead of V pulleys is easily done as in my 12" band saw build. Installing the motor in the base and driving the bottom drive wheel through bearings in the frame and outboard pulley is in my opinion preferred and would give you the option of different blade speeds. Hope this helps.

Band Saw Users Guide

So from the 1989 Popular Mechanics yearbook comes this nice band saw users guide. The band saw is in most opinions the most useful machine in the shop. It can do most cuts that other machines can and much more. Crosscuts are limited by the throat depth, but there is not much else that it can't do.

There are many user guides out there, this one stands out for it's nice table extension plan  and a great circle cutting guide plan. I have seen many different circle cutting jigs, this one is easy to build, the two eccentrics make it accurate and easy to adjust.

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Getting The Most Out Of Your Band Saw/Scroll Saw And A Wood Gear Clock Plan

Haven't been too ambitious in the workshop last couple of weeks cold rain and wet snow have been the order of the week and a warm fire and a couple of good books have been more attractive. My current read "The Human Age" by Diane Ackerman is an enlightened and hopeful view of some of the positive solutions being created, to deal with many of the problems we are challenged with now, and in the future. The enlightened Ms. Ackerman does a wonderful job of telling the story.

"Getting The Most Out Of Your Band Saw And Scroll Saw"

So for interested followers here are a couple of small files that may be of interest.The first is from Delta and has excellent info on tips and tricks for running your band saw and scroll saw. Starting in the early 30's, Delta published many ("Getting the most out of your ...") small manuals covering all the main tools used in home shops. Over the years, new expanded editions would come out. This one is from 1950. I have a good number of others and will try to remember to upload more in the future.

To download "Getting The Most Out Of Your Band Saw And Scroll Saw" go to my Books - Free Downloads page. # 28 - 6 MB - pdf.

"Wooden Gear Clock"

The second file today "Wooden Gear Clock" by Wayne Sutter and Woodline USA, is a great award winning plan for a wooden gear clock. I have never built one, but only because of time and other priorities. If time ever presents itself this plan for the clock works, in a body of my own design, is definitely in the works. You can go with wood bearings or order a kit of plastic bearings from Woodline USA, details are in the manual.

To download "Wooden Gear Clock" go to my Books - Free Downloads page. # 29 - 3 MB - pdf.