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Sunday, May 27, 2018

First Bears 2018

So I have been expecting visitors the last few days, this evening they showed up. Looks like the sow and her cub from last year liked the grass here and came back for more. Visited the local land fill this morning, they just started showing up there too. Timmins and Sudbury have had problems for a month already.

I couldn't get very close for these two pictures, the sow was keeping a close eye out, glancing around often. As soon as she sensed my presence, she dashed for that rock outcrop, the cub trying hard to keep up.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

First Bear And Cub 2017

I had been expecting them and keeping an eye out the last few days. Not to disappoint, a big mother bear and her cub showed up this afternoon. Early in the season, before I make the first cut on the lawn, they show up to feed on the grass. I tried to get a second side picture to show her size but she was keeping an eye out and headed for the bush as soon as I stuck my head around the corner of the house, the cub working real hard to keep up to moms butt.

Guess it's time to cut the lawn soon.☺

Could be lots of bears this year. Listening to the radio lately, sounds like there are more bears than people in the city of Sudbury this year. One story on the radio goes how one bear walked up to a construction crew working on a city road, checked everyone out, stepped of the road into the grass and went to sleep. LOL