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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Classic Blanket Chest

Here is a furniture project that would look as classy at the foot of an adults bed as it would in a child's room. The cedar lining makes it perfect for the storage of blankets and fresh linens. For the child's room you can pass on the cedar lining and it becomes a huge toy storage chest and surface for sitting and playing on.

Designed and built by Thomas Stender a professional, classical furniture, cabinetmaker, it is a close reproduction of the classic style. It is not a difficult piece to make, the dovetail joinery brings it up to the middle range, but a person will never learn the technique if you don't try and practice it. For an easier and quicker construction you can use other joinery methods, such as finger joints, or biscuit joinery, but you would lose that classic look.

A benefit of these Popular Science plans are the included tips and woodworking information not normally included with plans. You not only get the plan, you get the information that will cumulatively make you a better craftsman.