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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

"Aircraft Metal Work"

So here is an excellent book on aircraft metal work, and as would be expected a large section covers sheet metal work. This book was published by The US Government Printing Office in 1945 as a Navy Training Course.

In this book you will find 348 pages of great hands on instruction, covering most aspects and materials of aircraft fuselage production and repair methods. Check out the contents page below to see what is covered. It is a small djvu file but very clean and readable.

To download "Aircraft Metal Work" go to my Books - Free Downloads page, # 77 - 3.5 MB - djvu.

How To Make A Slip Roll Machine # 3

So here is the last of the Intermediate Technology Publications "Workshop Equipment" series. I have one more # 2 "How To Make A Treadle Operated Drill Press" . However the scan is of very poor quality (half pages cut off) and in my opinion it is an inferior design. I also did not upload #'s 8 and 9, I have searched, but been unable to find them.

So here is # 3 "How To Make A Slip Roll Machine". There are many plans around for this type of machine, I have posted plans for 2 or 3 other versions and I have a few more I will post in the future. This one is typical of the other plans in this series most of the materials are standard steel stock and a welder is necessary.

To download "How To Make A Slip Roll Machine # 3" go to my Books - Free Downloads page, # 76 - 2.5 MB - pdf.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

"How To Make A Sheet Metal Shear # 4"

Took some work but here is Intermediate Technology Publications # 4 in the Workshop Equipment series. As mentioned before these are poor quality scans and require clean-up and straightening out. They did not have covers, so the covers are my creation. The publication and copyright page is missing, I did not make one up for this title.

This title covers a sheet metal shear, it is tough enough to sever smaller bars and rounds. There are many plans for similar machines around the web, some for sale, some free. I uploaded a similar plan for one, in a previous post.

To download "How To Make A Sheet Metal Shear # 4" go to my Books - Free Downloads page, # 75 - 2 MB - pdf.

"Cutting Tools For Metal Machining"

Here is a book that will prove very useful for hobby machinists. No matter what sort of machines you have, none of them can perform up to the standards they were designed for, without proper tooling, properly ground.

"Cutting Tools For Metal Machining" was authored by Max Kurrein and F. C. Lea in 1940 and published by Charles Griffin and Company.

I did not clean up the djvu file, but the file is a reasonable scan with pages complete and reasonably well centered.

To download "Cutting Tools For Metal Machining" go to my Books - Free Downloads page, # 74 - 4 MB - djvu.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

"Good Housekeeping 100 Best One-Dish Meals"

So here is something I haven't done before and probably won't do again. A cookbook post. I have a modest cookbook collection, less than one 3' shelf. They tend to concentrate on quick easy meals and a number of cookie (ha, ha) and a few dessert books. Here's a quick picture of some typical titles.

A few years ago I found a digital copy of Good Housekeeping's "100 Best One-Dish Meals". It has become one of my favorites. I like the one dish idea, quick and not to many dishes and I like lots of flavour, found in many of these recipes. Love their shepherds pie and enchiladas.

To download 176 pages of some easy recipes, for some tasty meals go to my Books - Free Downloads page, # 72 - 5 MB - pdf.

"How To Make Things With A Workshop"

So, got up to a snow storm blowing in, it's forecast to last into the night, looks like I will be clearing snow tomorrow. All that early snow is getting me down already, summer was to short this year.

So not feeling a whole lot of energy today, decided it would be easier to just upload some small files I had that didn't require any work, beyond the upload. Delta was very prolific in publishing many different plans and how-to manuals, to help promote there woodworking machines. Here are two more, and for something different a great little cook book.

The first manual today is " How To Make Things In A Workshop". This was published by Delta in 1928. With a title like that you would expect a very large manual, however this 18 page booklet packs a lot of information into a small manual.

To download "How To Make Things With A Workshop" go to my Books - Free Downloads page, # 71 -  3 MB - pdf

Friday, November 30, 2018

"Welded Joint Design"

So here is a great book on welding joint design that I recently found. You will not find info on welding machines, techniques, and procedures, but the welding joint and how to achieve a strong joint is well covered. Strength of materials is covered without too much theory, and good joint design and preparation, is covered.

This is probably required reading for commercial and pipeline welders, but the home hobby welder can benefit from this information as well.

John Hicks is the author and it was published by The Industrial Press in 1999.

To download "Welded Joint Design" go to my Books - Free Downloads page, # 70 - 5 MB - pdf.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

"How To Make A Folding Machine For Sheet Metal Work" # 1

So here is the # 1 manual in the Workshop Equipment series " How To Make A Folding Machine For Sheet Metal Work" or in short a "brake".

When you look at it you will say "this has been uploaded before" and you would be right. The previous upload was the poor quality file I had downloaded, out of alignment, smugged, and a few pages missing.

I have cleaned it up and repackaged it. If you are collecting these, this is the preferred copy.

To download "How To Make A Folding Machine For Sheet Metal Work" # 1, go to my Books - Free Downloads page. # 69 - 4 MB - pdf.

"Jig And Fixture Design" 5th Edition

So I have uploaded a couple of books on jig and fixture design before, one older and a newer one from the 60's. Here is a recent publication more suited to todays machine set-ups and available hardware.

 "Jig And Fixture Design" 5th Edition, by Edward G. Hoffman was published in 2004, there is probably a 6th edition out now, but this edition is well into the computer age. I found this uploaded to the internet back in 2013, probably when the 6th edition came out, it is very well illustrated with many examples of modern jig and fixture designs. It was published by Delmar,Cengage Learning, a long time publisher of technical learning titles.

To download "Jigs And Fixture Design" 5th Edition go to my Books - Free Downloads page. # 68 - 8 MB - pdf, enjoy.

Monday, November 26, 2018

"Ingenious Mechanisms" or "Mechanisms In Modern Engineering Design"?

I recently had an inquiry asking about good starting books for woodworking and metalworking, The "Sears/Craftsman" manuals and "Ingenious Mechanisms For Designers And Inventors" were referenced.

The Sears/Craftsman manuals are very good instruction on the operation of woodworking machines and power tools, but their is so much more to woodworking. "Ingenious Mechanisms" is a must for the bookshelves or digital files of inventors, designers, and machine builders, but it has nothing to do with metalworking methods. Possibly self serving (ha, ha), but I recommended reviewing the posts and downloads available on my blog, there is a wealth of information here for someone starting out.

In a reply I discovered that the greatest interest seemed to lie with machine mechanisms and design. I aim to please, so here is a write up on two sets of the best books on mechanisms out there.

"Ingenious Mechanisms For Designers And Inventors" is a classic in this field. It was first published in 1930, over the years multiple authors and volumes have been added. My set, pictured below, is a 4 volume set, published in 1967, and is the newest edition. They have always been printed by The Industrial Press Inc.

If you want to download this set here is the link to download from the Open Source Machine Tools site. I have not downloaded these so I can't vouch for quality. This link is for the first volume. Change the volume number in your address bar to download the rest.

Here is a typical page from this set.

The Russians, always competitive when it comes to the Americans, published there own classic on mechanisms. "Mechanisms In Modern Engineering Design" was published in 1970 by MIR Publishing, a Moscow publisher. It was translated into English in 1975. It would be difficult if I had to choose between the two. Ingenious Mechanisms has very complete write ups on the workings and development of the mechanisms illustrated. The Russian set has much less of a write-up on the mechanisms illustrated, but the shear number is overwhelming, close to 5000 entries.

What the heck, download both. Here is the link to the Internet Archive page, to download this set. Again I have not downloaded these (if I can get away with it, I prefer paper ha, ha) so I can't vouch for quality.

Most pages have two entries. Here is a page with a single entry.

Here is a little article I found the other day. miChelle the proprietor of this art studio got an order for a small cupola (looks like 10-12" bore). It was a rush order and they cut, shaped, welded-up and I assume lined the cupola in two days. Man this lady's got balls, and I aways thought I had balls (long time ago maybe LOL).

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

How To Make A Treadle-Operated Wood-Turning Lathe # 6

So continuing with ITP's Workshop Equipment series, here is # 6 "How To Make A Treadle-operated Wood-turning Lathe". This is a metalworking project and involves welding but it's used for woodworking (that will piss-off a few, ha, ha).

This lathe is welded up from mild steel sections and incorporates salvaged parts for the flywheel and drive assembly, mainly a brake drum and bicycle drive parts. There are woodturners who prefer to use a treadle lathe even in the presence of power, it's a personal preference. Mainly, treadle lathes are machines from the past when electrical power was something that shot out of the sky in lightning bolts. If your off grid, like to save on your energy bill, or just enjoy the slower control of a treadle lathe this is one of the more advanced versions of the treadle lathe out there.

To download "How To Make A Treadle-operated Wood-turning Lathe" go to my Books - Free Downloads page. # 67 - 3 MB - pdf.

Looking for a good read? If you like reading politics, and how it is failing us, you might like this.

Interested in reading a good book on the state of the union by a prize winning author? "America, The Farewell Tour" by Christopher Hedges is a good place to start. It has become clear to most that America is on the backside of the slope. The question is how fast and steep will the ride down the slope get? Mr. Hedges is certain we will find that out within the next 20 years (damn, I might live to see it, ha, ha). The author puts the blame squarely on the heads of big business and the 1%. They have destroyed the economic well being of 95% of us, and they are destroying our planet at a unprecedented rate, to satisfy their insatiable appetite, for the power of ultimate wealth. It's a given the Republicans are their puppets and the Democrats have been bought off long time ago. Bernie Sanders was a bright light in the last American election but the Democratic party and their controllers the 1% weren't going to let that happen. The result, Trump. The masses figured he couldn't hurt them worst than Clinton and the Democratic Party had already done (letting the 1% destroy the working class in America to maximize their profits). So what about the 1%, no problem they had both bases covered. God help us, oops, the Republicans own him, were in trouble. 

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Atmospheric Forge & Heat Treat Oven

So I spent yesterday morning running errands and settling in for winter. I was almost home when the blizzard started, It blew hard all night and is supposed to continue all day today. Nothing else to do but cook up some tasty treats (winter's coming on, like the bears, a little insulation will help, lol) , fire up the wood stove, and settle in in front of the computer, for the week end. Life is good ha, ha.

Near the top of my build list is a forge, soon I hope. I have lots of plans for forges, and some ideas of my own. One plan that I have always found attractive was published by David J. Gingery Publishing back in the 90's. It was built and the manual written up by William T. Goodman and Robert W. Holmee. It has a very nice appearance but I would make some changes to the shape and refractory of the firing chamber. The refractory in the plan is a little thin in my opinion and there are more efficient materials that can be used today.

It took me a while to find this book, I think I eventually found it on a torrent site. The scan is not great (I cleaned up the two pages below), but it is complete. So if you would like a proven plan for a nice and very convenient forge or just want some good ideas for building one, this should do it.

To download go to my Books - Free Downloads page. # 65 - 4 MB - pdf

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

How To Make A Hand-Operated Holepunch

So as mentioned before I will be uploading a few more "Workshop Equipment" series titles, published by Intermediate Technology Publications.

Today you can download "# 7 How To Make A Hand-Operated Holepunch". As I mentioned before I have taken a bit of time to assemble this file, and you will not find a cleaner version of this title on the internet.

I would consider this project one of the more advanced in the 10 volume series. If you have not done a lot of metalworking before, it is important to go slow and verify your work continually before welding up your assemblies. The finished hole punch will be a great time saver for anyone who requires a lot of holes in sheet metal. It will punch holes up to 25mm or 31/32" in 16 guage  material.

Probably the hardest part of the project will be, making up accurate punch dies. Above 9/32 to 31/32, lacking a suitable supplier, you will have to make your own. Instructions are in the manual.

For holes 9/32 or smaller a cheap alternative is to adapt the punch dies from a hand hole punch, done easily enough.This inexpensive set cost only $34, 10 years ago. It works, but it is a slow process. Installing the dies in your new holepunch would greatly speed things up.

So If you would like to download this nice plan manual, go to my Books - Free Downloads page. # 64 - 4.4 MB - pdf.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

How To Make A Pipe-Bending Machine

So I have mentioned "The Workshop Equipment Series" before, published by Intermediate Technology Publications. There are 10 manuals in the series covering a variety of workshop equipment, mostly metalworking. I have three paper titles and over the years have found 8 of the 10 titles on line. I am still missing # 8 and # 9. The problem with the downloaded titles is the poor quality of the scans, missing pages, and poor page alignments.

So I decided to do my own scan of one of my paper copies, "# 5 How To Make A Pipe-Bending Machine". I can safely say that this is the best quality scan, of one of these titles, that you will find on the internet.

The plans in this series were all well developed, materials are common steel sections, and similar materials. One requirement of most of these projects is a basic ability to do welding in your shop.

So if you would like to download this plan, to build a piece of essential shop equipment, go to my
Books - Free Downloads page. # 63 - 3 MB - pdf

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Jig And Fixture Design by The Institution Of Production Engineers

Here is an interesting little book on jig and fixture design. It was produced by the Institution Of Production Engineers in the UK in 1973. It is full of good information on accurate drilling and machining for repeatable production. The introduction says it best.

It's not a large book at 66 pages, but there is no shortage of examples, well illustrated and explained.

To download go to my Books - Free Downloads page. # 62 - 5 MB - pdf

Sunday, September 9, 2018

"Mechanical Engineering For Beginners"

So its Sunday and the NFL football season is back, so my Sunday afternoons are spoken for, I used to be big on sports, but in my older years the blood pumping excitement of a good football game, seems to be the only one that still holds my attention on the tube.

So for fans of early 20th century technology, like me, here is good little text from the Internet Archive that some will find very interesting and readable. It covers the technology of the time without getting overly technical, covering the concepts in a clear and understandable manner. A large section is devoted to steam boilers and steam engines, early development of more advanced water tube boilers and corliss steam engines are covered, as are steam turbines, hydraulic equipment, producer gas, and gas and oil engines.

"Mechanical Engineering For Beginners" by R. S. McLaren in 1908 can be downloaded on my Books - Free Downloads page. # 61 - 13 MB - pdf.

"Build A Coil Winding Machine"

Build A Coil Winding Machine By David Gingery has been widely distributed around the web, if you don't have a copy yet, here is your chance to get the cleanest copy I have found yet. This is a great little plan for the electrical enthusiast who likes to wind his own coils. The back cover says it best.

If  you have been here before, you know I am a fan of D. Gingery's many books on DIY projects. I don't venture into electronics beyond what I need to get by, but for the electronics hobbyist this may still be a desirable and satisfying project.

To download "Build A Coil Winding Machine" go to my Books - Free Downloads page. # 60 - 9 MB - pdf.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

"Metal Spinning"

So I got into the shop for an hr. this morning and the look of the way the engine cable was hanging was starting to bother me, so I welded a short, side extension to the cable support piping.

There we go, thats better.

So as promised here is a copy of "Metal Spinning". This is a reprint by Lindsey Publications, the original was published in 1936 and was written as an instruction manual for the novice. You will find info on what is required to set up your lathe for spinning and the tools required. The last chapter is a collection of projects for the novice to try out. Nice little manual on a hobby that you seldom see anymore. My Rockwell/Delta lathe is certainly heavy enough, I'll have to try it sometime.

To download "Metal Spinning" go to my Books - Free Downloads page. # 59 - 11 MB - pdf.